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Editorial Submissions:

In the course of producing the location guides, the research teams are often approached by companies and industry representative bodies wishing to make a contribution to the content. The input of local expertise is always welcome and the team are currently considering a number of contributions from local professionals in the fields of law, finance, property and human resources. The contributions will take the form of location-specific guides covering the issues facing companies looking to establish operations in the locations covered by the Business City Guide.

The guides will cover such areas as:

  • property sourcing, purchase and leasing, building
  • setting up corporate vehicles, purchase of existing local corporate entities
  • tax, banking and general finance
  • recruitment, training, employee benefit and general human resources
  • a variety of specific industry sectors

In each case, the guide will highlight the issues specific to the location and propose a range of possible solutions.

Any companies interested in providing such material, should in the first instance contact the editorial team giving the following details:

  • the area of business expertise
  • the scope of the proposed guide
  • the extent of experience in foreign inward investment projects

Suggestions for submission should be sent to the for consideration. We will then provide a detailed brief outlining the requirements for the guide and the terms and conditions of publication.


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