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The Business City Guide:

In association with Times Online, the Business City Guide is aimed at the increasing number of commercial organisations and individuals alike worldwide looking beyond their natural borders into new markets and the opportunities they offer. Once the exclusive domain of giant multinational corporations, many organisations now recognise that high-tech infrastructure, highly competitive travel, transport and logistics solutions and the accessible, flexible resources of the knowledge based economy bring international enterprises within easy reach.

Over recent years, governments the world over have invested considerable time and effort to attract Foreign Direct Investment at all levels. Unified import-export regulations and taxation treaties together with a range of localised incentives and more open, accessible local government all contribute to an environment conducive to international growth.

It is now becoming increasingly common for companies of all sizes to establish regional sales and support headquarters in overseas markets as an alternative to managing complex and often expensive franchise and sales agency contracts. Overseas locations often offer more competitive solutions for customer service and distribution centres. Thanks to efficient, reliable competitive telecommunications and specialised human resource solutions, such facilities can now exist anywhere in the world and still maintain a seamless connection between company and consumer. Additionally, the same ease of communication coupled with more frequent and reliable air travel has also inevitably resulted in a marked increase in the number of individuals now seeking to purchase second homes abroad.

Whether planning the complete relocation of operations, a regional HQ or distribution centre or simply sending delegates to a business conference, the Business City Guide provides essential local information on a wide range of locations in an accessible, concise, no-nonsense format. Viewers will find information on local economy, infrastructure, workforce and business costs as well as direct access to the public and private sector agencies ready willing and able to meet their needs.

The guide is compiled and maintained by ICIS whose research teams - in addition to communicating with relevant local agencies - visit locations first hand and meet face-to-face with the local companies best placed to meet the needs of incoming businesses. Whatever the project, at every point of its development local expertise is the most important component for success. Via the Business City Guide viewers will be able to access a wide selection of local companies in each field of business essential to bringing their plans to fruition.

The scope for international business development has never been greater. Addressing the needs of organisations taking advantage of this environment, the Business City Guide is designed to be a valuable source of information to companies on the move and an effective promotional platform for the agencies and companies actively involved in this area.


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