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The former British colony of Belize is located in Central America overlooking the Caribbean and is bordered by Guatemala and Mexico. Covering around 8,800 square miles it is just slightly larger than Wales in the United Kingdom and has a population somewhere in the region of 300,000. Over the millennia it has been ruled by the Mayan and Spanish Empires, independence from Britain was gained in 1981 although the country remains as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. ]

The Capital Belmopan is to be found almost at the geographical centre of the country, however Belize’s largest city is Belize City, on the Caribbean coast. The official language in Belize is English although Spanish is spoken by many and is taught in schools. Belizean Creole is also spoken. As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, the government is based on the British parliamentary system and the legal system on the Common Law of England.


Tourism is the number one foreign exchange earner for Belize. The other main industries are sugar, bananas, citrus and fisheries. Belize also hosts a growing number of manufacturing activities such as cigarette manufacture, the production of metal doors and windows and furniture. Tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the Belize economy with cays and barrier reef making it a hotspot for eco-tourists. The unspoiled environment including woodlands, caves, rivers and jungle, forest reserves, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries and marine resorts help to make Belize an eco-tourists paradise. The country is also home to the world’s only jaguar reserve.

The last few years has seen a rise in the export of seafood in particular lobster and shrimp. The government has also placed great emphasis on the offshore financial sector. Belize aims to attract international business & investment and companies are encouraged to locate locally with total security and privacy in the tax haven of Belize. Confidentiality, privacy and security are guaranteed for all companies established under the 1990 IBC act.


The international airport is near Belize City with destinations to the US and Central America served by five international carriers.

Telephone facilities are excellent with both internet and email services also available. The port of Belize City is the main commercial port.


The labour force of Belize works mainly in garment production, food processing, tourism, construction and oil. The average working week in Belize is 45 hours over a 6 day period. There are strict minimum wage laws in Belize. The minimum working age requirement is 14 years old, but those under the age of 17 are forbidden to operate dangerous machinery. Free healthcare is provided for workers throughout Belize.

Many Belizeans are now involved in the growing eco-tourist industry due to the unspoiled forests, coral reefs etc.

Business Costs

A license from the ministry of natural resources must be obtained by non-Belizeans wishing to purchase land in Belize. Land can sometimes be leased from the Government of Belize with an option to purchase it after the development is finalised.

Employers must make social security deductions from employees plus make the relevant contributions. Those who earn over $10,000 a year, must also have income tax deducted.

Wood is inexpensive with steel and PVC materials priced reasonably. There are many natural water resources throughout Belize which may soon be used to generate electricity. Telephone rates are relatively high with internet use billed according to time used.
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