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Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located to the east of the Adriatic Sea with a coastline of around 20 kilometres. The country is bordered by Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, the borders total over 1,500 kilometres.

As an independent state Bosnia and Herzegovina is a relatively new entity within Europe, having declared independence in 1991, however between mid 1992 and late 1995 the country suffered through the Bosnian War and Bosnian Civil War. Despite the effects of the wars by 2005 the country was placed in the high human development category (the highest category) in the Human Development Index published by the United Nations Development Programme for 2007/2008.

The Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina put the population figure for 2008 at just over 3.2 million. The countries capital Sarajevo sited in the east of the country and has a population of just slightly more than 420 thousand people living in the urban area.

Close to half of the countries energy is obtained from renewable sources with hydroelectric as the majority contributor, which along with fossil fuels allows for a surplus of energy for export. According to the CIA World Factbook among the countries main industries are metals and minerals, vehicle and aircraft assembly, textiles and wooden furniture as well as oil refining.

As the capital city, Sarajevo is home to the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Sarajevo Stock Exchange. Industry still remains an important part of the cities economic make-up and the UK Trade and Investment website indicate there are investment opportunities in Construction, Power, Telecommunications and IT, Tourism and Transportation.

Sarajevo over recent years has attracted interest from a number of foreign companies, the best known being Coca Cola, also Harris Communications the maker products for the hard of hearing. Additionally the joint venture between Bosnia and Malaysia, ‘Bosmal’ is based in the city providing consulting in such matters as construction and engineering.

The countries main international airport is located approximately 10 kilometres south west of Sarajevo at Butmir, the airport provides direct links to a number of European locations. In 2005 Airports Council International voted Sarajevo International Airport as the best airport in the category dealing with fewer than 1 million passengers per year.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has several universities and institutions of higher education providing a high quality education over a wide range of subjects and supplying the countries businesses with high calibre workers. In 2008 the Agency for Statistics showed there were 890 thousand persons in employment.

In many countries around the world the state of a country can be judged by the freedom afforded to its press and media, in this area Bosnia and Herzegovina is in a surprisingly strong position when its recent past is taken into account. In the World Press Freedom Index 2007 published by Reporters Without Borders, Bosnia and Herzegovina was ranked in 34th place out of 169 countries. To put the rank into perspective, the United States of America was in 48th place.
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